Contemporary Alternatives; Stellize Tie-less Lookbook

Hello loves, The choice of men’s neck wear has traditionally been narrow: literally and figuratively. You have the straight and narrow traditional tie: in myriad colors, sure, but little design differentiation. So it then narrows down to the question ” Should I wear a tie or should I ditch it? ” sounds close to the… Continue reading Contemporary Alternatives; Stellize Tie-less Lookbook


Hello Loves, One day its hot,the next day it’s cold: welcome to spring y’all. Welcome to spring! Its official spring is here,and that only means one thing: out with the chunky,thick,overly layered outfits centered around the idea of keeping warm,and in with all the cool,flirty,breezy colorful outfits worn for no other than our love for… Continue reading OFF TO THE ARMY

Two Words

Hello Loves, Two Words, Sweater Weather. I love cold season; the air is crisp and the nights are chilly. With these cooler temperature, I naturally gravitate towards sweaters and warm knits. They are so cozy and super comfy,plus they keep me warm all day long! Even though I dream of snuggling up in my favorite… Continue reading Two Words