Laced up


Hello Loves,

Do you remember the Catchy Sponge Bob Square pants theme song that is sung at the beginning of every sponge Bob episode by Painty and a group of kids?

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea.
Sponge Bob Square pants!”

Yeeeees! Okey. Let’s do a different version of it. The Stellize way!

Are you ready loves?
” Aye, Aye Stella”

I can’t hear you!


When you need a comfortable pair of shoes!    “Canvas platform shoes”

That makes you look a few inches taller,without looking overdressed!
” Canvas platform shoes”

And makes a youthful statement while also allowing you to roam freely in and out of campus or your workplace. What do you wear? A pair of canvas platform Shoes!

Canvas platform shoes
Canvas platform shoes
Canvas platform shoes

Canvas platform shoes…….. A-ha-ha-ha-ha!


Platform canvas sneakers are great for a casual relaxed summer look. And one can wear a pair of canvas sneakers with jeans shorts and a tee, skinny jeans and a tank top,a dress,a blouse and skirt outfit and a wide variety of other styles and combination of styles.


On the runways and in corporate offices around the world, canvas sneakers are becoming an acceptable footwear. These casual wear shoes are becoming more fashionable, and tottering women are gratefully kicking off their heels to slide into a soft sole.

Jingsai platform canvas shoes

They give you comfort, protection and increased height.
These trainers come with an extra thick synthetic sole (that is lightweight and durable), that secretly boost your height and confidence without making your feet to look heavy and unbalanced.


Beautiful side sole with black and white combination. Six eyelet black lace-up fastening. White rubber toe cap. Comfortable textile lining.

Complete your stunning look with the Jingsai canvas platform shoes my lovelies and get the comfort that is more satisfying than banana stuffed french toast and ice cream sandwich, I promise.

          Live and Love








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