Contemporary Alternatives; Stellize Tie-less Lookbook

Tie less look book by Stella Wambui

Hello loves,

The choice of men’s neck wear has traditionally been narrow: literally and figuratively. You have the straight and narrow traditional tie: in myriad colors, sure, but little design differentiation. So it then narrows down to the question ” Should I wear a tie or should I ditch it? ” sounds close to the common phrase ” To Be Or Not To Be”. What about taking risks and loose the tie altogether- how many times was that the answer to this ongoing dilemma. Here at Stellize, I have come up with a simplified guide on how- to -ditch, what is considered the ultimate men’s accessory.

There are many reasons for someone not to wear a tie. If yours relate to ‘ comfort’, laziness or neglect then,your reasons aren’t good enough. Skipping the tie is all about self expression, and it should help you feel more confident, sexier and bold – all represented through the art of under dressing.

The art of slightly under dressing isn’t easy to master. We’re ( and by we I mean our men) not all ready to stand out by wearing less than expected, and there are always moments in which you cannot ( and should not) play this game. You should not ditch the tie in your workplace or during an interview. If you work in a suit and a tie and so do your colleagues,losing the tie ( unless its dress- down Friday) isn’t recommended.

There are a few different ways to skip the tie in a modern and stylish way. Check out the guidelines below and see which technique works best for you.

  Bow tie


Is perhaps the most popular alternatives to tie. Although most men will wear one, at a black tie function they can also give a subtly distinctive twist to your everyday business wardrobe.

      Collar Chains


Collar chains are metallic accessories that clip to your shirts collar,adding a little shine and style to your neck area. If you are wearing metal chains you should remember that the metals are neutrals and therefore can be worn with anything.

Bolo Ties


Also known as shoestring ties are a type of neckwear consisting a piece of chord or braided leather with decorative metal tips called aglets secured with an ornamental slide or clasp.



People usually use the cravat to describe the formal variety. This is most often seen at weddings,and is worn over the closed wing collar and fastened with a stick pin.



They are very similar to cravat. In short all ascots are cravats,but not all cravats are ascots.

Solo shirt. Full stop.


The simplest way when going tie less is just to wear a smart crisp shirt alone. This gives you the relaxed edge- if its high summer and its not a business meeting.

Remember that in the absence of a tie everything else becomes more noticeable. Therefore well cut tailoring, a crisp shirt and great accessories are mandatory.

Bow ties, collar chains, bolo and cravats are all great accessories, you can and should wear if you want to put on something different than the classic tie my lovelies.

          Live  and love

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