Oh- So- Comfy!

Hullo Loves,

A cute pair of pajamas is better than your old worn out sweatpants and sweat shirt combo because its not just as comfy,but is 100 times cuter. So whether you’re headed to a slumber party or just looking for a comfy ensemble to lay around in on a Saturday morning, these cute pajamas from Mr.Price are bound to become you lounging go-tos!

Mr. Price, is a place where you can shop for comfortable sleepwear sets,tees,pants with stripes,plaid pattern or prints with the softest fabric and cutest details,you’ll want to schedule a slumber party just to show off your new sleepwear.

We (my mum,sister and I ) bought these cute  adorable,comfy pajamas and they’re my favorite pajamas ever and I love options that are cute and easy to wear.

When you think of the typical pajamas set,these Mr. Price ensembles are probably along the lines of what comes to mind. These pajamas sets will definitely make your morning breath and bedhead seem all the more adorable.

💖 Dreamy


This pajama set from Mr Price is great for summertime because the fabric is breathable and the shorts will guarantee you’re overheating like you would in sweatpants. Channel your inner girl doll and go matchy-matchy for a put together bedtime look. You will want to disregard your entire days plan if you throw on this comfy pajama set.

💖 Snooze



Will we ever not like something with pandas on it?
This set is perfect for cozying up on the couch with a good book and some hot chocolate. Regardless of what you like to sleep in, these pajamas are perfect for lounging the days away. With these adorable comfy PJs,you will look fabulous on even your laziest of days.

   Now its time toooooo;
(1) Treat yourself to some new PJs and \ or (2)  buy some as a gift for your mom,sister,daughter or friend.

Take your pick my lovelies.
             Live and love











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