Hello Loves,

One day its hot,the next day it’s cold: welcome to spring y’all. Welcome to spring!

Its official spring is here,and that only means one thing: out with the chunky,thick,overly layered outfits centered around the idea of keeping warm,and in with all the cool,flirty,breezy colorful outfits worn for no other than our love for fashion. Also truth being told I get a little panicked at the thought of spring in July cause of how fast this year is going by,so much to do so little time,and also….I am secretly praying for one more cold temp wave here.

Let’s not get carried away though. Until summer hits us,we’ve still got spring to enjoy,and fashion wise, this season its a true blessing. Any thing that goes in summer and winter goes in spring as well… with skirts. Sweaters as Outwears. And Jackets. Jackets all over the place. Jacket layered over anything. Jackets jackets jackets.

Aside from leather moto jackets,there’s another way to channel a more masculine and tougher vibe in your outfits: go the army route!

The army jacket takes a comfortable position and announces its huge comeback in 2016. Yes,hunter green military jackets and camouflage solids and prints are making a comeback.


I love my grungy washed out greenish purple  army inspired jacket from Next with a military trimmed mandarin collar which is so stylish and to be honest its a great twist on the parka jacket for spring. Mix it with a business or a feminine look and it just makes it look stronger. Adds more power to looks cool and rebel. The color,the buttons and vintage shape of the coat fits the body perfectly. You’ve gotta love it, right?

I suggest going one side up. This type of style is better to wear it loose more so than form fitting. So I got mine in medium instead of small and its just awesome!! I like the overall quality and we are with every thing versatility that will also toughen up your looks.

                Live and Love

Army inspired jacket from Next; thrifted.

On my lips; Globe Lip Balm in pink.








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