Two Words

Hello Loves,


Two Words, Sweater Weather.

I love cold season; the air is crisp and the nights are chilly. With these cooler temperature, I naturally gravitate towards sweaters and warm knits. They are so cozy and super comfy,plus they keep me warm all day long!

Even though I dream of snuggling up in my favorite sweater with a good book in hand and some hot chocolate nearly everyday,that’s just not real life. Luckily sweaters are acceptable wear in almost any situation. They can be worn in the workplace because they can be styled in any dress code. You can wear them with pencil skirts,nice comfy slacks and if you’re going for a more casual look,my personal favorite way to style a sweater is with jeans and booties or canvas.

The best thing about sweaters is that they serve two important purposes, they are functional (they keep you warm) and stylish (they keep you looking cute!). Plus there is a sweater style out there for everyone…. Basic sweaters,printed sweaters,chunky and bold sweaters.

       Hope you all have a great day either wearing or shopping for sweaters.

           Live and Love




3 thoughts on “Two Words

    1. Hello Tosha Michelle. I love when its cold and crisp to get all snuggle snuggle with my throws in my favorite sweater. Thank you for reading and being my first commentor.😄😄😄😃😃 just made that word.

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