Quintessential menswear accessory


Hello Loves,

When it comes to men’s suiting, small details tend to stand out the most. Its fine details that separate a basic outfit from the subtly complex. There are many ways to make your suit pop and help separate your outfit from the typical suit get-up those small elements that elevate clothing into charisma. Some of the best ways to achieve this is through accessories such as pocket squares,cufflinks and a great choice of tie and watch,since when it comes to accessorizing a suit,men for better or worse don’t have much to chose from,but there’s one accessory men tend to forget about.

If you guessed the tie clip,you definitely read the title above, so let’s get into it. Tie bars are one of those accessories that if you wear right,will step your smart-style game up several notches. Also called tie clips,these little pieces of jewelry are an easy way to polish off your suit. Not only does this small item conveniently hold your tie neatly in place,but it also has the power to lift an outfit by creating a focal point,in the same way jewelry does for women.

If you aren’t regularly wearing a tie clip when shooting for your dapperest look,you’re all wrong son! Tie clips are not only practical,but they look damn good while they are doing their job. You don’t want your tie to fall in your soup. You never know what the day will bring when you have a tie with a mind of its own.

Deciding to put one on is step one,but knowing where your tie clip goes is just as important. Here’s the rule: it goes between the third and the fourth button of your shirt. Wear it right and proper and it will elevate your look to new heights. Clip it to both the tie and the shirt fabric and it will keep your tie snug and close to you,just the way it should be.

A suit is always a great look and rarely had trouble standing on its own. But when you don’t want to look like everyman’s warehouse look alike step it up a notch and throw some details in our outfit. And for those days when you really want to make a lasting impression, channel your inner James Bond and throw some dashing cufflinks. Bring a little bit of the golden ages back whenever you can,and show the entire room that you care.

          Live and Love

PS. When you are looking for something this Fathers day, a nice tie and clip make a pretty sharp gift. And I will be here to congratulate him on his quest from conformity and normality into the land of character and individuality.I can ensure he’ll look good whilst it happens.



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