Mastering Mystery.


Hello Loves,

With all the focus on your wedding dress,you might have pushed your wedding veil to the back of your mind (if you’re guilty,my lips are sealed!). While a veil is no longer an absolute must for the mordern bride, many engaged women are still choosing to wear them,mostly because, well it makes them feel like a bride. There’s something about the veil and a wedding gown that makes each bride feel like it is really happening to them,they are getting married!

The wedding veil is a custom dating back to ancient times in almost any culture- that has been a potent symbol evoking not only purity but mystery too……………….
Nowadays the veil stands as a symbol when the father gives his daughter to her future husband,as well as a defining moment of feeling like a bride,but is also considered a beautiful form of adornment to complete a wedding look. The choices of veils are great since veils comes in different sizes and length and you need to understand the veil characteristics and then put them and into context with your face shape,wedding gown,hairstyle,rather than choosing the one you love most.

Color of your veil

Your veil color must be the same color as your dress that gives you a more consistent look and there are white,off white and shiny silver,but try to select depending on the color of the dress.

Your hairstyle

There should be consistency between your hairstyle and the style of your veil to highlight your face. If your hairstyle is big with more volume. It appropriate to choose a veil with less embroidery.

Consider your dress

If you’ve chosen an ornate gown with lots of sparkle and bold lace patterns. Don’t diminish your dress by wearing an over the top veil. Choose an uncomplicated style. If your gown is lace select something with a ribbon edge. If your gown is simpler with a classic feel,jazz it up with a bold lace patterned veil.

Face Shape

Your face should be part of your style consideration. Veil are sitting near your face,so for you to know which veil type you need to know your face shape first.

Keep in mind that after you have accessed your shape (by pulling your hair back from your face,and with no makeup on and look closely in the mirror) you need to put it to context with all the other body features as well as your body shape.

💖 Oval shape
Is the most balanced, versatile shape and gives you unlimited veil choice next to your face.

💖 Pear face shape

The jaw line is the widest part of the face with narrowing cheekbones and temple. Therefore a strong veil style at the top of the head is great to balance out the boarder jaw line as well as to choose a veil type that is long and simple

💖 Round face shape
Fuller looking face with a rounded chin and hairline. Widest point is at the cheeks. Choose a more structured headpiece that has a strong veil hem edges that doesn’t add any more roundness to the side of your face shape.

    Thanks for reading my lovelies and happy new month.
         Live and Love



Photo via: short and trendy veil collection


Via short and trendy veil collection


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