Dainty and Romantic


Hello Loves,

The wedding veil is one of the oldest wedding traditions symbolizing modesty, purity and chastity. In this day and age,however, wearing a veil is not a requirement which is why its so much fun to let your style and personality shine when it comes to selecting your veil. You only get married once. Create a curated ensemble that expresses you and celebrates your particular style of loveliness.

There are so many beautiful veils and styles to choose from when it comes to picking that dreamy finishing touch of your dress- from floor scraping chapel length statement pieces to dainty and romantic blusher style and vintage inspired birdcage veils,you can find a veil that compliments your individual style.

Always dreamed of donning a veil for your big moment? Yeeees! Get ready to feast your eyes on this gorgeous array of wedding veils and get some gorgeous inspiration.

💖 Bird Cage Veil


It comes in many different styles and can bring a vintage feel to your bridal look. The French netting can come down and cover either one or both eyes,your nose your chin,or even your entire face. Its entirely a matter of choice.

💖 Fly Away Veils


They are wispy and often multilayered with the longest layers falling on the shoulder.

💖 Elbow veils


The elbow cascades over the shoulder and floats along your upper arms ending just above your elbow or at your waistline.

💖 Finger tip veil


This veil comes right to your fingertips. Clever name,huh?

💖 Blusher veil
A blusher veil covers the face and usually stops at the shoulders.
💖 Cathedral veil


The mother of all wedding veils,these makes a dramatic statement and are usually 108 yards.

Your veil is the finishing touch of your bridal wardrobe my lovelies. Think of it as the chocolate in your ice cream, yum yum yum! It makes everything so much better.
          Live and love







Photo via bel-aire-bridal
Photo via frony-view-veil

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