Storage Solutions….. Smart ways to store scarves

Hello Loves, Scarves are one of the most versatile fashion pieces anybody can ever have! We can tie a scarf in multiple ways around our neck,around our heads,or even around our waist.Sooo cool! A scarf will transform and jazz up a plain everyday outfit to something that speaks character and style since they add interest… Continue reading Storage Solutions….. Smart ways to store scarves

Ta DA…..The versatile Blogger Award

Hello Loves! Stellize has been nominated for another award yaaaay!!      The Versatile Blogger award. The oh-so-lovely blog Being Duchesse decided to make my day (while simultaneously making me smile like a crazy person) by nominating this little blog for the grand award\ title of versatile blogger.Thank you dearly for this very sweet gesture that… Continue reading Ta DA…..The versatile Blogger Award

The Awesome Liebster Award

So I received a beautiful nomination for The Liebster Award from the ever so talented,ever so lovely, The herself, Miss Jennifer Hinsman! Thanks Jennifer, you’re a doll! So,what is a Liebster award exactly? Liebster meaning “beloved” or ” dearest” in German,is the name given to the online blogging award that highlights favorite up and… Continue reading The Awesome Liebster Award

A sneek peek into my bag 👛👛

      Hello Loves, Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin. Once upon a time, my mother bought a really nice handbag from a boutique shop in the streets of Nairobi;where they sell  the largest range of women’s fashion-beautiful trendy dresses, stylish tops,bottoms,playsuits,shoes and handbags. The handbag had me at hello. I literally begged my… Continue reading A sneek peek into my bag 👛👛