My Wedding Scrapbook


Hello Loves,

I am Stella Wambui, a 20 year old girl who has dreamt of getting married since the day she was born.  I was that girl who played dress up and dreamt of a pink Barbie girl doll. I was the girl who planned her wedding at 9 years old,yes I sold my soul at a young age,but have not looked back since. I was the girl who hoped and desperately dreamed for a life outside 9-5 job. I have always gathered ideas in my head,but have now decided to share them with Stellize readers in this blog. Let myself dream,out loud and avoid locking my creativity in a box!


I am opening a new segment called My Wedding Scrapbook, that actually help you plan a wedding. Preparing for a wedding is going to be many times more successful from setting a date,finding a venue,sourcing for wedding decorations to sending invitations, there are loads of things that require careful planning and budgeting. And at Stellize,this new segment will be a one- stop wedding guide where grooms and brides-to-be, industry professionals and wedding enthusiast can browse for ideas, trends that will provide you with handy tips and information to help turn your dream wedding into a reality.

And I am making a vow,I promise that I will help you achieve the most elegant and unique nuptials in the wedding sphere. I promise to offer something unique and blog continuously and consistently, everyday and with gusto. I promise to all my readers that when you click on Stellize you will find something new and something beautiful to read,a place where brides will feed their inspiration throughout the day!

I am constantly inspired by every wedding I see. I am a huge follower of other wedding blogs,wedding magazines and wedding TV shows. So I hope that my passion for these things and more translate to you in my posts,to show you the latest trends and DIY ideas, ` till death do us part.

Should you ever want to hear more about something just head over to the ” Contact me” page and I would be happy to dive in!!
Thank you for reading!

           Live and Love


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