♥ Hearts and ♠ Spades


Hello Loves,

Are you ready for this? Do you think you can handle it?  This could quite possibly be responsible for single handedly blowing your mind. Please read on at your own risk. Most of us grew up playing card games,but up until a few months ago I had absolutely no interest in playing cards,or card collecting- up until now I have become obsessed with the little critters! Obsessed, Obsessed I tell you!!

If you’re like me,and you love the feel of the cards when you’ve just opened a new deck, you might be also obsessed. I rarely ever sit down and play with them,but for some reason I sure do love taking each card and study it closely to see all those extra little bits and pieces of detail that the designer has surreptitiously thrown in there,either for their own amusement, or just because……… well,just because.

Now that you have been appropriately warned….. Here we go…..

If you are looking for one solid deck of playing cards that will always catch people’s attention, then this is a kick starter for you.theboston terrier playing cards will be a beautiful addition to your collection. These high quality cards will not only be useful for playing but also for displaying. I am a big big fan of design so this deck strikes a cord with me!

This deck comes with the standard 52 playing cards, 2 jocker cards,as well as a custom design tuck box. They are smooth to touch,great for shuffling and each card is detailed in its illustration and is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. These cards will be easy to handle and stand up to the test of time and many rounds of black jack. You may even be able to use them to distract your opponent, as you slip a few extra cards into your sleeve.

Whether you just want to play card games or give an extraordinary gift to your friend who is a card collector, gambler or let’s say,magician or fortune teller,this casino quality deck will be a smart choice my lovelies.

              Live and love









3 thoughts on “♥ Hearts and ♠ Spades

  1. Lol this was very…..interesting lol and cute! I’m definitely from af smiley if card players. I think I may schedule a card game day with pizza for this weekend with the family! Yeah, I’ll do that. Thanks for the idea!

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