Breakfast Bliss


Hello loves,

Happy Madaraka day  my lovelies.

The meal of the day we find hardest to prepare? Breakfast,hands down.

Or should I say, heads down.😄:D:D.

There maybe,just maybe a tendency to fall prey to the snooze button…those leisurely breakfast plans quickly dwindle to a dash out of the door with not a lot in our tummies.

You too? Well,when you’re looking for an easy breezy breakfast, look no further with this 60-second plan,that means you can fall prey to a few additional morning zzzs and have a tasty and nutritional breakfast.


Growing up, my childhood favorite cereal was Weetabix. Today not so much has changed,I still love it. Weetabix is an excellent choice when it comes to breakfast my lovelies,as it is about as simple as it gets when it comes to the cereal.

Its made with high quality ingredients, Weetabix is a wholesome source of energy packed with whole grains, vitamins and minerals as well as being high fiber. You better bet,it gives me a good start to the day and gets me ready for a day full of blogging, classes and everything else that comes my way.

What I love about this breakfast is that its hearty and satisfying-and also convenient for those days you need breakfast on the go. Aaand, Weetabix is so so easy to customize with different flavors to suit your own style. Personally I think there is nothing better than me mixing my ‘bix with bananas and honey. So simple but so good.

Turn your attention, my lovelies to the day’s dawn with Breakfast love.
An easy -to -prepare, check✔
Tasty-to-eat bowl to start your day, double check✔✔

This breakfast will satiate your appetites and brighten your day’s beginning my lovelies.

           Live and love







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