Meet Stella


Well hey there, Loves!

My name is Stella Wambui Wachira, better known in the blogger sphere as Stellize. I am 20- year-old girl raised in Nairobi, Kenya a place I still call  home today; and a B.COM  student studying at the JKUAT Westlands branch. I was born in Wachira’s family- a family of entrepreneurs who have instilled a passion in me to be a hardworking and independent woman.

I am naturally drawn to writing and I’ve always had a place in my heart for fashion and beauty,so I decided to combine the two. And on 1st January 2016, was opened as a place to share and express my personal thoughts on fashion,beauty and lifestyle and anything under the sun that highly interest me.

Oh,and personal notes about me; I find my style inspiration in everything and everywhere. Sometimes I’ll look at actresses,models even mannequins in a store for style inspiration.

Stellize : represents the belief that every woman and man has an inner fashion genius waiting to be unleashed. And I hope to inspire every ♀ woman and β™‚ man and break inhibitions others may have about developing their unique personal style,through personal style diaries as well as style and beauty tips.

Fashion isn’t everything, but I believe when you look good,you feel good!


You all make my dream a success!
Thank you for continuing to support my blog and the brands I love.





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