April faves 💕💕💕

Hello loves,
Ooh bye bye April. Heeeello May.

Happy happy mothers day to all mums and mums-to-be someday like me.(someday, someday!!)


What in the world time is flying!

It seems like April flew by so quick,but then again don’t all months seem to these days?

I’ve been the type of person to revisit my “tried and true” over and over again. So in April, I’ve been using a bunch of the same old things! Favorites are favorites and I can’t lie about it- I’m hooked on the same stuff.

However, April encouraged me to really reach outside of “my old faithfuls” and try a few new products; and since its that time again where I wrap up some of my favorite beauty products- so here are some of the beauty items that I found myself reaching out frequently for in April..


1, Sleek Matte lip gloss!

Its my personal favorite, and its absolutely fantastic in creating a flawless and colorful wet look.
Its also scentless which I suppose is a good thing because it stops me from “accidentally eating them!”


Its a cute pocket friendly hand disinfectant. It has cleansing beads and germ killers that leaves dirty hands clean,with a fragrance in pocket format.


Globe lipbalm.
Its keeps ones lips smooth and soft. Its cute packaging is perfect to keep in your makeup bag and easy to apply on the go! Bonus point!


Naked pallete by Urban Decay. Represents beauty with an edge,injecting,drama,danger,fun and feminity.

Well Loves, despite the fact that we are 8 days into March already, I loved sharing my April beauty favorites today! Makeup junkie to makeup junkie!

Thank you for being here! Stay warm and safe my loves!

           Live and Love

April faves by Stella Wambui

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