Love on a platter

Love on a platter by Stella Wambui

Hello loves,

This mothers day let moms wake up to the best kind of breakfast; one she didn’t have to make herself.

If you’ve ever sampled a taste of (crowd favorite) banana cake, then allow me to proudly introduce you to your new breakfast best friend this mothers day: Banana stuffed French toast!

An indulgence? Yes.

Just imagine your favorite slice of banana cake tucked inside an egg-battered sourdough bread pocket that’s pan fried until golden brown *yum yum yuuuum, then drizzled with maple syr…. Wait in this case honey sweet sweet honey. Are you still with me or did you leave for the grocery store already!??

Still here? OK,thank goodness because while you were at the store you’ll want to complete this French toast trifecta by grabbing ingredients for my all time favorite, the one,the only, Cinnamon toast.

Ready!?    Go!!


4slices of bread
1teaspoon grated lemon zest
4large eggs slightly beaten
1teaspoon cinnamon powder
1teaspoon sugar
1teaspoon salt
Butter for cooking\ cooking oil
Maple syrup\honey




1,Using a sharp knife,cut a pocket inside each slice of bread.(skipped this part since my bread were already sliced)
2, Spread a portion of Bisella inside each pocket,and a layer of bananas.
3,Preheat, a large pan over medium heat and add enough oil to liberally coat the bottom of the pan.
4, Whisk together the eggs,cinnamon and sugar in a medium bowl, and dip each filled bread pocket into the mixture ensuring the bread is fully soaked on all sides.
5, In batches,fry the soaked slices of bread until the egg mixture is fully cooked.




Love on a platter.

Serve your love on a platter,my lovelies.

     Live and Love


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