Spirit Animal Blog Award


Whoa! I am pretty excited to get another blog award this month. Yeepy! What a great way to start May. Doing my happy dance.💃💃💃

Thank you palfitness for the nomination. Thank you so so much! This means a whole lot to me and is such honour. Loves,you should totally check out his blog and admire his work! Because I do,I really do!

Let’s get into this!

The Rules…..

If you choose to accept the nomination, all you have to do is.
1,Thank the blogger who nominated you,and link back to their page(again a big thank you to palfitness)
2, Post an Award picture on your blog.(done and done. Revel in its Majesty muffins)
3,Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
4,If you’d be any animal,what would it be?
5, Pick and notify ten nominees.


About me.

My name is Stella Wambui. I live in Nairobi,Kenya. My family is an average sized Kikuyu Family: it consist of my father and mother,me and my younger sister(Sharon).
In my opinion I’m a kind hearted and jolly person. I think I’m responsive and reliable that’s why my family,relatives and friends can rely on me. I never refuse if people whom I love so much need support or a piece of advice. I try to be fair and just in attitude to others.
I’m rather a calm person,but can lose temper and become angry or sad. I’m modest and sometimes shy,but do not advice someone tricking or kidding me. I like staying alone and sometimes I retire to my shell,but at the same time I like the noisy company of my friends and sister. As far as my dislikes are concerned,I dislike envious and pushy people. But am happy I have more things I like than I dislikes.

My Blog.

For me,blogging is mainly a way of putting my feelings into words,sharing my opinions and publishing my photos. I mainly view my blog as a public online diary anyone can read. I’ve been blogging for four months now and its been such a huge part of my everyday life. I love sharing my ideas,reviews and anything that pops into my head with the people who are reading it and I would never compromise that.

I don’t need to get overly mushy mushy on all of you,but all of you do mean a lot to me. A whole lot! From the people who pop up every once in a while,to those who say hey on a daily basis,you’re all awesome and I appreciate the time you take out of your day to read a post or leave a comment or reblogging some of my posts. You’re the most helpful and friendly bunch of people I’ve ever come across. Thank you!!

My animal.

I can’t say anyone has ever asked me that before!
If I could just have a second think about it…… Right,I think a Dog springs to my mind( thanks to my bunch of furry balls Corrie,Gubba and the Kuuchis). They’re a lot like humans really. They work together as a team,co-operate with each other for the benefit of the whole group,are sensitive to each other socially-and always seem to have a good sense of humour!

My nominees!.
1,Shasha self love
2,choosing cheerful
6,Tosha Michelle

Thank you for reading my lovelies and check out these lovely lovely inspiring blogs.
Happy new month. May this month bring you joy and success and open all doors. Stay warm and safe my lovelies.

               Live and love


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