Yellow is the new black

Hello Loves,

Prints are never going to go out of style,at least not any time soon,and a great way to incorporate them into our closet is to use African prints.

The options with dresses are endless- as long as you can find a good wonderful tailor or designer,you can sew a dress with African fabric in every style imaginable. Not too long ago,matured women were easily identified from a crowd by African long dress while young ladies were adorning themselves with the youthful way of dressing like wearing trousers and short skirts. But today,that distinction can’t be easily made with many young ladies adapting the old print long dresses with a touch of modernity-a more stylish and fashionable way.

The African print long dress has reemerged; it has come to stay. The African long dress was mostly seen at church programs and traditional gatherings,but now it seems most ladies (my mum,my sister and I included) wear them to occasions like weddings, engagement, dinner events,and other official programs with the change in trend.

Most ladies (including my mum) feel inspired as proud Africans with the dazzling effect of the African long dress.

For as long as I can remember, she has always always been fascinated by African prints. All the different fabrics,patterns,colors and shapes have always caught her eyes. So when she donned this African long yellow dress,I had to take pictures. Its beautiful and gorgeous and the design is pure and decent.


This cute and sexy dress can bring sassiness to everywhere you go.

It is a colorful fabric with a lot of patterns printed on it.

My mum loves to pair this beautiful African long dress with a flat shoe or heels to pose high attention in the dress.

She also wears a head wrap, that always make her outfit special.

African prints has always been a fabric of elegance close to the hearts of Africans my lovelies.

Stay warm,stay Safe and  always

              Live and Love.






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