Taking Stock: April


Hello Loves,

Fuelled by the desire to do a little different on the blog today,I have decided to do a taking stock post on my own. Hopefully it will spice things a little bit.

Making: plans lots and lots of plans.

Cooking: a lot of French toast. Does that count as cooking?

Drinking: many cups of tea and warm hot chocolate with cinnamon spice,a little bit of coffee and lots and lots of water.

Reading: just finished The Mac Gregor’s Daniel and Ian by Norra Roberts,so I’ve started Chill Factor by Sandra Brown. And I must tell you its pretty interesting to the point of insanity.

Wanting: To have an afternoon nap.

Playing: Snakes and Ladders.My good luck runs strong with that game.

Knowing:  I’ve got things under control.

Sewing: haha….Not yet maybe soon.

Getting: Lunch? That would be good.

Wishing: That it rains more. I love rains.

Wasting: time looking through old photos. Boy, was I chubby.

Enjoying: A much needed lazy and relaxing afternoon.

Converting: a fireplace. In my future house-to-be, perhaps? My feet must be freezing. Its so cold.

Wondering: what I could do with my life when I finish Uni in several months.

Hoping: I could go back to bed.

Needing: to want less.

Smelling: the smell of rain through the open window next to me. Am so lazy to stand up and close it.

Wearing: sweat shirt and pants- cosy wear in general.

Thinking: About what is going to happen in tonights episode of Muchacha Italiana.

Feeling: peaceful and completely blessed.

Bookmarking: Winter coats and socks.

Giggling: more than ever in my whole life.

Waiting: For the next episode of Two Wives and Muchacha. I’m already soo obssesed .

Noticing: That its nearly been 4 months since I started my blog. Time flies for sure.

Admiring: people who completely own and embrace who they are. So inspiring.

Getting: Excited about finishing my  B.Com degree in a couple of months. Yaay! Super super excited.

That was fun.

Stay warm,stay safe my lovelies.Sending lots of love,and as always.

           Live and love



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