Carried Away.!!!

Hello Loves,

Keeping our hands clean is a vital part of keeping ourselves healthy. Because most eeeky germs are transmitted by means of hands. We are all bound to touch or use things that have been used by people earlier,like the bus,train or a grocery cart\basket,or paper and coin currency and you know how eewwwww they can get. We may not have running water and soap around us 24\7, but we can largely improvise with a hand sanitizer.

That’s when these hand sanitizer comes to the rescue.


I love Body Luxuries antibacterial sanitizing hand gel. These sanitizing hand gel come in a variety of scents- carried away, twilight wood and more(those are just a few of my personal favorites). They have a wide range for everyone with a unique mesmerizing fragrance. The scents are pleasant and not overwhelming. Their size are very convenient they fit in your purse- big or small.

They’re super- small- and I just happen to find miniature things adorable.

Every single drop gives baby care to your hands and gloves them with a layer of moisturizer. A single drop is sufficient for both hands. It easily get absorbed into the skin without leaving it sticky or dry. Cleans my hands well,leaving it softer and germ free. They also have small blue moisturizing beads within the gel that I love,which pop and burst as you rub it into your hands.

The hand sanitizer comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap. It is small and cute,which makes it travel friendly.


Twilight wood.
It has a mesmerizing powdery fragrance and additional nourishing Vitamin E that leaves hands feeling soft,smooth and lightly scented.


Carried away.
A dreamy ornamental blend,elegantly scented with extract of flowers. This  miniature must- have contains powerful germ killers that keep hands fresh and clean on-the-go with fun fragrance!!

Body luxuries antibacterial sanitizing hand gels are my number one must have my lovelies.
            💕Live and Love.💕💕




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