Tea trails


The world of tea is a global one,and the culture of drinking tea is also global. I’m a huge tea drinker (I live in Kenya -is it any surprise?). Kenya tea are known for their brightness and brisk flavor and Kenya is the fourth largest producer of tea worldwide. Tea is central to Kenya’s economy; our economy!

Nairobi traffic can be quite daunting at the best of times and its always nice to get out of the city and out into the country. It really is a very beautiful and scenic drive out to Thika,and it also happens to be my ‘shaggz’ a Kenyan slang for upcountry.

The roads are still a challenge with certain sections having some large potholes, but all in all it is quite a pleasant drive. When we arrived it was like taking a breath of fresh air like literally.

We walked over to my uncles(Uncle John Mwangi) tea farm. My mum also own a tea farm but a few kilometers from my uncles tea farm.The land is a lush verdant carpet of tea plantation that seem to vanish in the horizon. One could see small houses in clearings with trees and other crops that added variety and changes of colour and scale to the scene.

Walking around the farm was so fun. First off it was just beautiful. The rows were so uniform and easy to get around the soil was so soft under our feet.

The entire day was a fascinating and an exciting experience.









It truly was a memorable experience that I will not soon forget my lovelies.
      . live and love.


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