🐾🐾 My Furry Friends…🐾🐾🐾


     Hello Loves,
Dogs have a special chemistry with humans,and through the ages man has called dog one of his closest companions, protector,helper and probably lifesaver. There’s a reason why we call them mans best friend. And I think the reason is because dogs have  allowed us to be their best friend.

A few days ago I visited, my friend Rukenya at her home in Loresho Nairobi. Mary Rukenya is two things classy and fabulous. It was my second time there and I was pretty excited. My first time to her home was kind of a big deal since when you first visit a friends house it means you have reached another level of your friendship which is great,but can make you a little nervous. You act a little more reserved than usual,or you’re overly helpful and you become obsessed with their pets; especially if you don’t have your own. Yep that happened to me on my first visit,haha,guilty as charged,and I forced the poor animal to sit next to me because I believed am totally a dog whisperer.. Haha! Poor Corrie.

So on Thursday afternoon, when most of Kenya was sitting on their respective sofas downing cold fresh-squeezed juice since it has been soooo hot lately, I arrived at Rukenya’s home. Rukenya who,while not exactly effusive with the hugs, held me tightly when I did hug her and motioned me inside the house. After having a glass of juice,Mary jumped off the couch,jog-shuffled to the verandah in her oversized red slippers; and I followed about a pace behind to where the dogs were having their mid day meal.

Just then the dogs jumped up,wagged their tails and barely seemed able to contain their excitement. They were happy to see the person they love. And when she(Rukenya) called out, “Corrie, Gubba and Kuchiis,come here!” They reacted happily to the sound of her voice and came to greet both of us and I think that is one of the best feeling in the world.

Corrie,Gubba and Kuchii are Japanese spritz. Gubba is a male dog while Corrie is a female dog and this lovely couple has seven,one month old pups called Kuchiis.
The Japanese spritz is a small dog with a deep chest and very thick snow white coat. The fur is shorter on the ears,muzzle and forelegs with a ruff of longer fur around the neck. The ears are triangular and prickled and the full tail is held high with curls over the back.

The dogs Corrie,Gubba and Kuchiis are energetic, playful,alert and obedient dogs and love being outdoors. They make good watchdog since they have a tendancy to bark as a warning of approaching strangers. They are polite dogs and they were willing to make eye contact with us. They gave us a special gaze that says, “All is right with the world”. Their eyes were relaxed and normal size showing little of the white.

It was a perfect afternoon and there’s nothing so satisfying as sprawling on the floor with one dog tucked in the crook of our knees and a couple more snuggling in on either side of us as we shared stories about dogs,our families and tall tales about growing up. That was really special.

The little kuchiis showed their love with licks (they slurped our feet and hands),and they also showed love by wetting the floor technically called the submissive urination. They would squat and wet when you first greet them,a sign declaring you to be in charge.
The little kuchiis also show affection towards one another by sleeping together and they also lick and nuzzle each other.

We went back to the house and Rukenya pulled out a freshly baked cake,which was cut into nice square shape pieces. We each took one piece and then another. More pieces of cake,more conversation. It became late,too late to really stay on and had to go back home.
I had a wonderful wonderful experience with these brave,intelligent and affectionate dogs my lovelies. Have a happy happy easter.

And as always…
              Live and Love



This is  Mr Gubba and he is an overly shy dog. He loves and enjoys a tummy rub.




The wonderful little Kuchiis….


The mother Corrie…

My friend Rukenya and the Kuchiis





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