Flattering nude-hues


Hello Loves,

It was a gleeful day at Stella’s home when I was finally able to buy and make Urban Decay’s Naked 2 eye shadow palette mine,all miiiiiiine.  *Cue hysterical whoops of excitement *
Now that I have Naked 2 palette I feel like am finally part of some exclusive club, and now more than ever I get what all the excitement was all about.

The Naked 2 pallette contains 12 neutral shadows- shimmery shades with a couple of chunky beautiful glitters thrown in for good measure,that can be combined with each other perfectly. Sometimes a makeup obsessed girl wants a little shimmery neutral action in her life.


Naked 2 wins hands down not only is it sturdy and pleasing on the eye but it protects the palette from everyday bumps and knocks. Urban Decays packaging took a modern feel in Naked 2, with an art-school-inspired tin case which totally took me back to primary school and secondary(middle)school when we used to own oxford geometrical sets. Its also smooth and cool to touch. Naked 2 has a large mirror which stretches the length of the entire lid,and closes mechanically making it more secure in fastening, which gives it an edge in terms of packaging.

Naked 2 brush is double ended,with both a flat side for packing shadow on the eye lid as well as a fluffy round brush for the crease.

1, Foxy:beige color with yellow undertone.
2. Half baked: this is golden bronze shade.
3, Botty call: white beige shade
4, Chopper: copper color with orange undertone
5, Tease: medium brown hue.
6,Snake bite:a darker shade of bronze with gold shimmer.
7,Suspect: another bronze shade,but with a slight pinkish undertone.
8, Pistol: grayish brown shade
9,Verve:beige hue
10, YDK: warm copper color with a slightly red undertone.
11, Busted: darker shade of brown,
12,Blackout: true black color

The eye shadow shades are fantastic quality.

The Urban Decay Naked 2 eye shadow palette is so versatile and I love it and enjoy using it, I wonder how I ever lived without it my lovelies.
             Live and Love









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    1. Yaaaay my first comment. Thank you Rukenya for having me at your beautiful wonderful home and a chance to meet your and my new furry friends.🐾🐾😃😃😃 happy easter my lovely


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