The Awesome Liebster Award


Imagine chain mail,but filled with joy,friendship and happiness. Its the Liebster award,an online award for bloggers to gain more support, recognition for their work originality,uniqueness and talent,and just to get to know the person behind the blogger. Who doesn’t love a little blog Love? Luckily enough for little ol’ me, I’ve been nominated by a new side of beauty for the Liebster award again, how lovely is that (yee,I still get giddy inside).Thank you so much sweety,that makes me sooo happy! I am so excited right now.

So here I am today wishing Kwis42 from anewsideofbeauty all the best for her continued success and I want to say thank you for nominating me and inspiring me to pay it forward to some other amazing and wonderful bloggers.Your heart comes through in your writing,and that,in my opinion is what makes for an outstanding blogger.

First,take a looks see at the liebster award rules:
1,Thank the blogger who nominated you(thanks again kwis42)
2,Answer the11 questions the blogger gives you.
3, Nominate 11 bloggers.
4.Give them 11questions of your own.

Let’s crack on with the questions!
1,Why did you start your blog?. It has always be my passion to write and it has always been my desire to share thoughts with others. So I found a platform that allows me to do both. I am so grateful that blogging has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful readers throughout the world.
2,What is your favorite food? Food is a window into the soul.Or is it eyes?Wait I don’t know. Favorite food? If I could choose a favorite meal,that I would eat everyday for the rest of my life,it would be spaghetti and meat balls.
3,Who is your dream dinner party guest? It would be Ashleigh Dmello,she is my inspiration. Stalking fashion bloggers,haha, on Instagram world is part job of mine my lovelies. She has so far been one of my regulars and may I add favorites.She has some amazing outfit and some beautiful snaps.
4, What 3words describe you best?
1,Driven\determined to succeed (cheating to make this one word muhahaha)
My best friend describe me as
I,fun loving
5,What is your favorite quote? Like so many people, I seek inspiration in thoughts and words of others. I wish people could bottle up experience gained over a lifetime and pass it along directly to others.I think that would be cool. My favorite quote by Steve Jobs ‘My favorite things in life don’t cost any money.its really clear that the most precious resource we have is time’
6,Favorite high street store.
H and M. It has so much to offer.
7,where would you like to be in 5years time? Blogging has taught me some incredible life lessons,and helped grow as a person in ways I could have ever imagined. And am so grateful for the next five years I hope against hope that I continue meeting new amazing people and continue sharing my style (what girl doesn’t like dress up?)
8,favorite beauty product. If I had to fit everything into a very small suitcase and go and live on a desert island, then I’d take my shimmery pink nivea lip balm. I try every lip balm that comes my way but I always go back to Nivea every time.
9,Whats your favorite hobby? Favorite hobby would be something that I look forward to, that I’m proud of. I’d have to say the thing I look forward to the most is reading. A book is the best company for me.
10,What is your biggest fear?My biggest is big spiders.Just thinking that and writing that makes my heart race.
11,Favorite female and male celebrity.Female celebrities are stars of favorite films,the voices behind the catchiest songs.My celebrity is Taylor Swift.How amazing can she be. I have to say I wish to be her best friend and want to drink milkshake with her. I truly love her wardrobe(or rather a team of stylists) and it makes me so green with envy.

Without further ado,here are my nominees.
My liebster award questions…
1.What is your ultimate goal for your blog?
2,where was your first Trip?
3,which movie inspires you
4,are you a morning person or a night owl
5,what is your favorite photography app
6,what is your favorite hobby(besides blogging)
7,How did you get your birth name (relative\movie)
8,what is one item you can’t live without?
9.what is your inspiration
10,What is favorite store to shop at?
11,what is your celebrity crush? Why?

I am so excited to read all of your answers to these questions my lovelies.
           Live and Love


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