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Hello loves…
Disney princesses star in animated children’s fairy tales, and as such they were simplified and prettified to appeal to the audience. They made girls dream to be princesses after watching Cinderella, Snow White and all those fun fairy tales. I am guilty of becoming that dreamy girl,i dreamed of wearing those beautiful gowns as they danced their happy ever after away.I love disney princesses and I think we all do,right? I also think its always fun to be inspired by the strong, beautiful women we watch on screen,who go through amazing journeys and prove that even in big complicated dresses,dreams can come true.

We all want to emulate their beautiful style on a daily basis; since a disney damsel is creative and resourceful ~especially when it comes to beauty tips and tricks. These characters have some awesome tricks up their sleeves,that we can learn a little something something from them so I have wrangled up together the most amazing beauty lessons from Disney’s wild world of magical ideas.

1,The good eyebrow game.
Eyebrows can make or break a make-up look,using a cool toned eyebrow pencil or eye shadow to define your arches or a spoony comb will help your brows to look groomed. Can you name a Disney princess with bad brows?
2,Braids don’t need to be boring.Add some flowers.
Rapunzel proves that the right hair accessories can take your hair to the next level.Experiment with style,maybe try out incorporating a bit of bloom into your braid. Incorporating flowers is an easy way to make a bold accessory statement with something that’s literally just laying around. Flower crown and headbands are all rage right now,and no one can go wrong with a floral headband. Plus,they’re just sooooo pretty.
Like Ariel when she is faced with a fashion challenge, she is able to fashion a sleeveless dress from ship sails and rope and she manages to rock it. So whenever we think we don’t have nothing to wear,we should get creative with what we have in our closet. It’s a nice creative challenge, right?
4,Have perfect hair.
Now how can we have perfect hair,by the right amount of moisturizing conditioner,balanced with smothering serum. Ariel has the most perfect hair whether on land or under water,this girl’s hair  is always amazing and gravity- defying.
5.No outfit is complete without a perfect shoe. Great tip from Cinderella and her glass slipper.
6.Get enough sleep.
Our skins repairs itself while we sleep that’s why its called beauty sleep. Let’s take a leaf out of Aurora’s book and we will kiss our skin problems good bye for good.
7.For tough times…
the tough get going.
Go for a pony tail and its a practical updo for times when we’re going to be busy.Cinderella, Mulan and Belle always sport a ponytail when doing amazing things.
8, Always brush your hair.
For natural shine and beautiful hair we should make it a habit to brush our hair several times a day and also use the right brush for our hair type. No wonder our favorite princesses such as Ariel,Jasmine always brushed their hair. They know best.
9,Use natural products when we can. Products from our  kitchen are great too.Our skin will thank you.
10,Don’t party too hard. A lot of alcohol consumption doesn’t just dehydrate us,it can also affect our liver in the long run. As for cigarette smoke, even if we’re just passive smoker,it can harm our skin. Let’s learn from Cinderella.

While the disney princesses were off saving their countries or turning frogs back to humans with a simple kiss,the disney princesses were able to give us some beauty advice. Their hair and beauty style is timeless and elegant;truly something that girls of all ages look up to my lovelies.
          Live and Love





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