Its hard to resist all those fantastic bargains that wholesale retailers offer,and we (my mum,sister and I) made a trip to a wholesale retail shop right here in Eastleigh. I am a huge believer to the notion that everything at a wholesale retailer is a better price than you’ll find elsewhere as long as you will do the right math and make a good bargain. We took advantage of the sales man who was in a white turban(looked like he had attended the Friday prayers)and asked him what is the best beauty to use on our face;,since most salespeople are well trained when it comes to beauty products at the counter display and they’re there to help you. They are there to help you navigate the vast and at times overwhelming, waters of shopping for the best beauty products.”Aye,Basso olive oil ni nzuri Sana ya uso,haya shika ( take Basso olive oil its very good for the skin)”he said.”What!” I screamed as loudly as I could.Well,inside my head anyway haha. “Olive oil sio ya kupika pekee(I thought olive oil is just for cooking and salads only)”My mother asked;raising her eyebrows in the universal sign for “Are you sure of what you’re saying or you are just playing pranks on us”. “Basso nzuri,basso nzuri,ya kila kitu nywele,USO,kupika.Kila kitu (Basso its very good and you can use it on your hair,face and also cooking)”. After paying, we packed our “new purchased beauty product” in our shopping bag and made motions to move but lingered, reluctant to leave. The salesman laughed, kept clacking away.”Ndio,natumia Mimi kwa USO wangu lakini Kama hamtaipenda sawa,mtaleta nitambadilishia(its what I use on my face,but if you get home and won’t like it bring it and I will exchange it for you)” he said calmly. We held on to his word as if our lives depended on it and settled into a cozy sort of domesticity that seemed so natural at the time. We made another trip to the same wholesale retail shop,to purchase one litre of Basso fedel nel gusto (extra virgin oil) this time only a tad envious as to why we didn’t know about this gold before.
Olive oil has been considered a natural beauty treatment for centuries. This mild,pure and natural substance comes from pressing the fruits of the olive tree. Extra virgin is the highest quality olive oil. This deluxe classification ensures perfection in flavor,purity,freshness and is loaded with a nutritional punch that you can use on your face. Olive oil is packed with vitamins,minerals and natural fatty acids. The kitchen staple is a potent natural ingredient in anti-aging skin care beauty products, rich in antioxidant and hydrating squalene,it prevent skin aging the appearance of wrinkles and lines;in a nutshell it nourishes, rejuvenate and protects the skin. It is rich in Vitamins A and E,that helps elongating your youth,hydrating skin and sustaining skins elasticity and softness. I now use Basso olive oil daily!Night and Day! I highly recommend that you use olive oil on your skin as far as many skin care remedies and treatment as possible. Here are skin care benefits for olive oil that will make you want to slather olive oil all over your skin right now.
1,repairing cracked heels.First you need to exfoliate your heels with a pumice stone.After doing so,proceed with the application of olive oil on the affected area.Wear your socks as you go to sleep which help lock the oil in your feet and to be absorbed by the skin
2,Internally good for your skin. Drizzle a little extra virgin oil onto your lunch and dinner to supplement your diet in rich fatty acid that are good for your skin. The vitamins and minerals will help give your building blocks to generate healthy,beautiful skin from within.
3,Olive oil from eye cream. To reduce wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes,gently dab a little bit of extra virgin oil under your eyes before you sleep at night. It will nourish the tender skin around your eyes and soften the fine lines.
4 Cleansing oil.oil attracts oil. Simply message olive oil onto your face and rinse off.
5, Shaving. Simply apply olive oil in the area that will be shaved and proceed as you normally do when shaving. The olive oil will provide the lubrication that is needed for a smoother shave and to reduce skin irritation. It will also provide the skin with moisturizing effect
6,Make eyelashes grow faster. Olive oil will nourish and condition your eyelashes with the vitamins necessary to stay long,soft and healthy.
7 Firmer skin.The skin care benefits for olive oil make it perfect for anti aging. Olive oil can help to deeply nourish your skin improving the elasticity and making it firmer.
8,Shrink large pores .Take a shower with olive oil and leave it on your face as long as you can. Massage in upward strokes. You will loosen up clogged pores. Doing this everyday will make your pores invisible.
9,Regenerative benefits of olive oil make your skin renew faster. Olive oil can help your skin renew faster. Faster turnover rate for skin cells means your skin will look younger.
    Stay beautiful my lovelies, enjoy the benefits of olive oil.
        Live and Love




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