Bridges of Love

Hello loves,
I have finally found another Filipino drama that is being aired on KTN TV; and with much consistency I look forward to it every 6pm and I rarely miss an episode,its so addicting to the point of insanity. I have never lost my interest;every scene is a must see and they get better and better each and every day.This soap drama is a true gem and *ahem* it contains two hottie-hotties, haha that grabbed your attention right?



Bridges of love is a 2015 Philippine soap opera television series directed by Richard;its a well-written narrative and top caliber production that shares a story like no other. It shares a tale of two brothers (Gael and JR) who left home to escape an abusive drunk father and started living under a bridge.Unfortunately, Gael was too young to support their day to day needs and the money that he was getting from shoppers at the market was not enough for their upkeep. An unexpected, unfortunate tragedy happened the night he sold JR,a tragedy that set them apart. The young brother fell from a broken bridge.
Years passed by and the two grew up to be different individuals.JR escaped death and poverty by selling himself to a rich business man,Lorenzo Antonio and he graduated as a construction engineer. Gael,on the other hand,became a licensed architect despite of money problems. His life however changed completely when he fell in love with Mia Sondoval,a beautiful and independent woman who worked as a vivacious club dancer in a club owned by the Antonio’s. Gael didn’t know that Mia will bridge him with his long lost brother Carlos.
The story evolves around the three major characters Gael,Mia and Carlos. The two brothers, Gael and Carlos,will both fall for one woman,Mia who happens to be Gael’s major greatest love and the woman who heals Carlos broken heart. Mia became Gael’s girlfriend but inevitably they broke up when Gael left the country and went to Saudi. Mia felt hopeless when her father needed a kidney transplant and she didn’t have any money. She had no one but her boss Carlos Antonio,who had taken advantage of the situation and already laid out great plans so that Mia would accept his proposal. He helped Mia but in exchange of a deal. Mia should make love with his business client, Henson Lee.Carlos however changed his mind.He realized that Mia was more than a woman for one night pleasure and he came to love and respect her more and more each day.Their story was troubled with hundred twists and turns.
The two brothers later crossed paths after many years without an idea who each other were. Gael began working with Carlos for a number of project at the Antonio’s.Things are heated up even more when Mia entered the picture and sparkled rivary between the two.
This soap is a great entertainer after a long days work as you sit down with a cup of tea or a glass of fresh juice my lovelies..
           Live and love


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