A Man’s Guide to Black tie #3

Accessories are key
The boutonniere- a flower in the lapel is entire optional, but always correct so long as it is a single blossom,preferable in white.
Watches- wrist watch are popular this days,however it should be slim with a black band and metal detailing that matches your studs and cufflinks so that it won’t dominate the suit.
The pocket square- plain white is the best option, preferably silk. Any fold is acceptable and many gentlemen choose a deliberately mussed style like a puff or fluted fold of the black tie. Some other fold are the neat fold or the peak fold which have been used over the years.
The suspenders- these button to the trouser waist (you should never be wearing clip on suspenders with the black tie) Black or white are equally acceptable. The suspenders should be hidden beneath the waist covering and the jacket the whole evening  and should never be visible.
Socks- wear black socks nothing to woolly,preferably silk and cashmere.
The cuffs- French cuffs is the standard for semi formal evening shirts
Scarf do wear a silk scarf.it stands out. White is great,but why not spicy it up a notch higher,black silk with white polka dots will do the trick.

Alrighty we are all set. There’s a pretty strict framework for black tie attire. It has a little flexibility on some of small details, but by and large its a uniform look. Nothing makes a man feel as sharp, debonair and get a lot of admiring gazes(and makes the ladies swoon) as when donning a tuxedo. Walk into your best friends wedding with a tuxedo and you run the risk of leaving the venue with the bride! Haha
          Live and Love




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