A Man’s Guide to black tie #2


Classic Shirt
1,shirt collar style:the turn-down collar is the most classic style. Best are wide spread collars that will hide behind the jacket lapel creating a more simplistic and elegant look. Also popular and actually more formal is the wing tip collar dress shirt. Finally there is the so called mandarin collar- a shirt that is almost collarless and decorated with black studs rather than a bowtie.
   The classic bowtie
The fabric of the bowtie has to match the facing of the lapels. Gross grain faced lapels are paired with finely ribbed or pique fabric bowtie and satin lapels are matched with satin bowties.
1,Butterfly bowtie:these are timeless classic which are narrow at the center and wide at the ends.Its a good style for men with large round faces.
2, Semi butterfly: the smaller sides often show double corners giving it a slightly pointy appearance. It works well with most faces.
3,straight end:good option for small men with thinner necks and faces.
4,Pointed: ideal choice for men with sharp,angular features and are a natural compliment to points of peak lapels and wing collars as well.
   Black tie trousers
They should be a perfect match to the tuxedo jacket meaning the base material is the same as the jacket.The trouser need to be high wasted,so that the waist covering can cover their waist fully.They will be worn with suspenders and should not have belt loops.They don’t have cuffs and the pockets are usually accessed by vertical slits at the back edge of the braid. Pleats are optional but plain fronts will give the most elegant look.

Black tie calls for one of two equally acceptable waist covering…
A cummerbund (sash)
It is black in color ,has upward facing pleats like small pockets and that wraps horizontally around the waist. Its made from shiny satin silk or grosgrain depending on the jacket lapel facing. It creates a smooth line at your belly.it also catches crumbs haha,its true. It keeps your shirt tucked in and it looks damn fine with a bowtie.
The waist coat(vest)
Most formal are waistcoat with a low cut,showing as much of the shirt decorative pleats without hiding the vest.

All that remains are a few finishing touches my lovelies.
          Live and love


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