A Man’s Guide to Black Tie #1


You just got an envelope with your embossed name. In it a metallic ice silver bendy card.Yes that best friend in highschool who was kinda shy to the ladies is getting married and has requested the honour of your presence at his wedding. The dress code is black tie. Black tie means formal. Women wear long evening or cocktail dresses or modern trendy dressy evening separates. Men wear tuxedos with formal shirt, black bow tie and black cummerbund. The tuxedo suit is simple,timeless and always elegant and is a formal classic that will never disappoint. This fashionable elegant crowd pleasure is perfect for the wedding function that calls for a mordern take on style and class. The look is quite simple,some black here,some white there. But to appropriately and properly pull it off there are numerous variables that deserve consideration. Decisions have to be made on everything from shoes to collars,lapels to bowties and the like. Let me describe,piece and piece,the gold standard “black tie” look that will make you evoke memories of Casablanca and James Bond wherever you go.
Dinner Jacket
This is the center piece- the foundation of the black tie ensemble. The model,style and facing chosen for the jacket set the tone for the formality and swank of the remaining attire. The tailless dinner jacket made of black has some aesthetic advantages. First, when worn with a white shirt shirt and accessories the juxtaposition of blacks complete lack of color against white complete spectrum of color creates the greatest contrast possible. Second, it imbues the wearer with an aure of dominance and power.It also embodies the refined minimalism that sets evening wear above a simple suit through a cleaver concealment of each garment working part.
1,lapel variety, there are three types of tuxedo lapels. Peak point upwards and are the most formal and most traditional. Notch lapels point outwards. Shawl collars are one piece of rounded fabric-the lapel are joined to the collar to make an unbroken loop around the shoulder and the back of the neck.
In all cases,the lapel should have a working button hole so that the boutonniere may be worn
Lapel facing
One of the most distinctive traits of a texedo jacket is the decorative covering on the lapels known as facing. It not only provide a jacket with an elegant fair but also emphasize the V effect created by peak lapels. The best facing are made of pure silk-which take the form of smooth satin which provides a smooth,high luster surface that emphasize the lapels,the gross grain which its ribbed texture is subtler and less reflective.
The button
All button should match but they may be either plain black or covered with same material as the facing as the lapels.
The ideal fit is a close one,with no pinching that would hinder movement or wrinkle the fabric. It should be long enough to cover your rear end down to the widest point of its curve.
We are almost done my lovelies…..
       Live and love


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