A Calm look at Nature

Our natural world is alive with breathtaking beauty and wonder. Clouds and trees represent nature in its most gentle,tranquil guise.Their appeal is instinctive. We should not leave the encounter with clouds,trees to chance alone.Perhaps a minute before lunch,we should ritually pause and look at the clouds or better still sit in the shade on a fine day,and look upon verdure,is the most perfect refreshment -just as Christians have been encourage to reflect on wonderful blessing they enjoy and to say a quick prayer of thanksgiving on sitting down to dinner I can almost hear them “our father in heaven,we give thanks for the pleasure….” We too easily lose touch with the saner aspects of ourselves. Somewhere inside us,we have the potential for calm and reason,tenderness and thoughtfulness;and hey clouds and trees are on hand to help.Nature’s peace will flow into you ,as you sit in the shade, and it will sooth,heal and to have your senses put in order as the winds blow their own freshness into you.The trees do that to you,they always look familiar, long lost,like an old dream and the cloud as they pass overhead seem to testify to this feeling. Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserve of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
Delight in the beauty that sorrounds you,my lovelies.
     Live and Love


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